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CenturionMail Encrypted Package

β‡’ Category:Encoded Files
β‡’ Developer:CenturionSoft

πŸ“Œ One more assignment of the .CEF format is related to the encrypted archive package designed by CenturionMail, a toolkit applied for encrypting email attachments and bodies. Accurately, the .CEF algorithm applies both encryption and compression methods as well as a password that is requested to extract and decompress the archived set. In practice, the .CEF file records are generally employed for securely sending file entries over email. In order to open up and visually represent a .CEF element on the screen, the CenturionMail software is required. Initially, the CenturionMail bundle generates custom archives with .EXE, .CAB, or .ZIP format marker. Nevertheless, you may also apply the β€œCustom File Extension” parameter tweak in order to generate the new .CEF entities. The further distribution and sharing of the official .CEF compliant CenturionMail bundle is terminated, despite you may still find the archive suite editions on various outward storages and servers, which specialize on the software publication and storage.

Class Action Gradebook Elementary File

β‡’ Category:Data Files
β‡’ Developer:CalEd Software

πŸ“Œ The designated .CEF format variation is eligible for storing, opening up and maintenance of files generated by the Elementary Edition of Class Action Gradebook, a flexible solution utilized by teachers for recording .CEF grades achieved during elementary school education. Essentially, the .CEF extension constitution stores the classroom assignments and roster in addition to acquired evaluated scores. In certain occasions, the .CEF entry marker can be applied for generating predefined report cards with the issued results of the studies' advancement, progress, and grades for proper disciplines. This relevant .CEF instance branch is rarely met in up-to-date environmental conditions, as long as the CalEd Class Action Gradebook suite is currently not supported and compatible with recent Windows revisions and builds. Hereby, the suite is remaining in ceased progress status and not developed by the author company anymore.

How to open an .CEF file?

πŸ“Œ The .CEF content can be effortlessly extracted, opened up and monitored by CalEd Class Action Gradebook package, mainly oriented on educational purposes and related targets. This handy app is quite outdated, so consider that you would require additional time and efforts to download the full-based installer bundle from external archive storages and repositories. Besides, the .CEF format logic is perfectly discovered and tracked by the CenturionMail encryptor, which primarily serves for encoding email attachments and internal structure. A crucial note - the .CEF entity build-up is primarily concentrated and focused on Windows shells and their legacy revisions. Appropriately, you won’t succeed in exploring the visual representation of the .CEF file sample in any other operating shells, except those relied on the Windows architecture. In either case, you would be suggested to preinstall Windows Vista, XP or earlier system edition in order to find out what lies inside of the .CEF item hierarchy.

Programs to open .CEF file - CenturionMail Encrypted Package

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Programs to open .CEF file - Class Action Gradebook Elementary File

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