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📌 A file tagged with .NULL labeled marker references a data composition that has been formerly encrypted by the Null virus, a common alternative of Djvu and Stop ransomware that was mostly spread and shared in August 2017. Basically, the .NULL file samples are encoded with AES-256 encryption key which makes it impossible to reveal and open the .NULL entry contents by simply adjusting the .NULL format value to desired entitlement. Null is a globally known category of malware employed by cybercriminals that takes the user’s content hostage and obliges him to pay the criminal in order to bring back his personal data or resources to viewable shape and eventually open them up. Most frequently, the Null virus is transferred to the victim’s PC through spam emails with weird file attachments that are formerly downloaded and executed by unsuspecting users. Basically, among these email attachments .DOCX or .JS items with macros are encountered that look precisely like normal, typical correspondence content. However, actually the files become infected with a Null worm. When the ransomware runs on a user’s device, it encrypts most of the resources on the potential victim PC and appends the .NULL extension label onto the names of the disk branch nodes. Basically, among the infected content backup items, videos, images, and documents are met most often, such as .DB, .MP4, .JPG, or .DOCX records. For instance, in the outcome a table.xlsx object entity eventually becomes a table.xlsx.null. After that iteration, the Null virus generates a pop-up form with several tabs which describes the details of hostile takeover of the user’s data elements. Those diverse tabs include descriptive information regarding what precisely occurred to the victim’s PC, the encryption applied to the content, the detailed list of the .NULL infected resources, how exactly the user is able to bring back his information, and the financial requisites for the ransom Bitcoin payment, suggested to be accomplished.

How to open an .NULL file?

📌 If you desire to remove the consequences of the proper .NULL file infection, there are several known variants of how to do that. First of all, the installation of the Malwarebytes Premium program tool can appear handy. Nevertheless, until now there is no known tool or utility able to recover and successfully open up the files corrupted by Null virus. The best solution which can be afforded and recommended is to make use of the Windows-built System Restore feature, which would recover the former state of your system to secure and safe condition (in this case, to a point of time where your computer has not been infected by Null virus yet).

Programs to open .NULL file - Null Ransomware Encrypted File

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