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πŸ“Œ A file marked with .ENCRYPTED format tag is a data entry which has been formerly infected by Crypren ransomware. Usually, the .ENCRYPTED items are stored in encoded representation. Therefore, it is not possible to open and reveal the file contents by simply adjusting the .ENCRYPTED data marker to an alternate value. Crypren ransomware can be defined as a potentially harmful category of malware employed by cybercriminals, which serves for encrypting focused user’s data entities. After the ransomware infects the source disk elements, the data becomes inaccessible and the Crypren trojan forces the victim to pay the perpetrator the desired amount of money through Bitcoin to successfully unlock the file content. Normally, the .ENCRYPTED data elements are shared and distributed across the victim computer stations through spam emails with malicious file attachments or URL-references. When an unsuspecting user manages to finally download and open the infected, labeled with .ENCRYPTED tag file attachment or clicks the embedded link in the email, the virus penetrates into and runs within the computer client. When the ransomware code is executed on the victim’s device, it consecutively encrypts all of the file nodes on the hard disk and attaches the .ENCRYPTED extension tag to the outcome names of the files.

How to open an .ENCRYPTED file?

πŸ“Œ It is insistently not recommended to open up the .ENCRYPTED file contents in the manual way or with the involvement of designated software. If you encounter the .ENCRYPTED data entry on your computer device, obviously your PC is infected with ransomware virus, and the only way to recover your personal .ENCRYPTED data is to make use of the backup checkpoint, available for restoration. In the daily working practice, it is highly suggested to backup your disk data to be able to restore the lost file data in case of disk corruption or infection with malware, particularly with Crypren trojan, which is related to .ENCRYPTED file composition. Also it would be reasonable to never pay the perpetrator any funds, as long as there is no any guarantee that even when you pay the disk content would be successfully restored or decrypted. Hereby, the only way to restore the infected user data marked with .ENCRYPTED label is make use of data restoration suites, either default, integrated into the Windows basement, or third-party, downloaded from external data storages.

Programs to open .ENCRYPTED file - Crypren Ransomware Encrypted File

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