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β‡’ Category:Encoded Files
β‡’ Developer:Government of India

πŸ“Œ Indeed, this predefined container class holds a digital signature applied and opened by e-Filing, a web-portal that enables residents of India to efficiently, comfortably, and fluently upload their tax returns. Particularly, this specific .SIGNATURE extension branch embraces unique encrypted data that recognizes a proper user and the legitimacy of a tax return document formerly uploaded to the e-Filing repository. As a matter of fact, most of the .SIGNATURE file entities are generated by DSC Management Utility toolkit (Digital Signature Certificate) to properly verify the identity of a custom user who is properly filing the income taxes via e-Filing, the environment sustained and opened up by Income Tax Department organization allocated in India. This particular software utility should be downloaded on your desktop or mobile device by the user, which successfully generates a .SIGNATURE file instance from an USB token imported by the user or imported .PFX file arrangement, after that step uploaded to the e-Filing web-server with the tax return to properly verify and legitimate the authenticity of the respective authorized person.

How to open an .SIGNATURE file?

πŸ“Œ The .SIGNATURE file objects can be smoothly and immersively opened and retrieved by e-Filing web-service, focused on maintenance of tax returns and owned by the government of India.

Programs to open .SIGNATURE file - e-Filing Digital Signature File

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