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πŸ“Œ The .ACE entry definition is associated with file archives compressed and opened up by WinAce. Generally, the .ACE extension logic relies on a proprietary compression algorithm which offers higher compression ratio and faster compression speed in comparison with other alternate record entities. WinAce archiver is also capable of compressing file resources via .JAR, MS-CAB, .LHA, and .ZIP algorithms. Besides, the WinAce Suite is also offering a feature of decompressing and opening the specific format definitions as well: .JAR, .ZOO, .TAR, .GZ, .ARJ, .ARC, .RAR, MS-CAB, .LHA and .ZIP. All of the aforementioned file instance definitions are peculiar due to natively integrated support into the WinAce designated and concerned area of service.

How to open an .ACE file?

πŸ“Œ .ACE tech standard is entirely supported by a wide arsenal of archivers and decompression tools, including IZArc, PeaZip, ALZip, WinACE and other relevant types of software solutions. The WinAce solution stands out as a native package, capable of decompressing the .ACE files into a general form or representation and opening them in the outcome. Nevertheless, you can make use of other respective categories of apps in order to extract the graphical, media, textual, spreadsheet or other content types from the original source .ACE archive. The .ACE extension can be properly processed and handled in scope of Windows or macOS platform infrastructures. Furthermore, the .ACE format branch is not compliant with such ultimate program tools for data decompression/archiving, as WinRAR and WinZip.

Programs to open .ACE file - WinAce Compressed File

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  • Mac OS
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  • Giorgio Tani
  • ESTsoft Corp.
  • WinAbility Software
  • Ivan Zahariev
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