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📌 An .ICE extension belongs to the category of compressed archive layouts generated and opened up by ICEOWS toolkit, previously spread under the ArjFolder entitlement. In common, it normally includes one or more file records which have been packaged, bundled and compressed altogether. Essentially, the .ICE entries usually involve encoded text items. Basically, the ICEOWS utility is distinguished as an archive app type which permits custom users to package and bundle distinct file resources into compressed sets and freely open them in decoded shape. These archive categories are stored and handled as .ICE, .ZIP or .ARJ object instances. ICE algorithm principle and logic serves primarily for usage with the text object sources. Hereby, .ICE archives frequently include several associated text items, which have been bundled up altogether for more flexible and transparent distribution and storage.

How to open an .ICE file?

📌 .ICE records can be easily and smoothly uncovered, reviewed and opened with the ICEOWS product, compliant with Windows platform solely. Besides, among the alternate solutions consistent with the .ICE technology specification, ALZip project should be noted at once. Due to limited compatibility with third-party projects and services, the entry specification is officially not supported by major archival market players, such as 7-Zip, WinZip, PeaZip, etc. Therefore, you are required to preinstall ICEOWS or ALzip suite in order to be able to sustain the appropriate .ICE entry markup prior to decompressing and unpackaging it to the accustomed constitution or form. The format structure is comprehended by Windows environment only, without exceptions related to Mac or Linux nodes and mainframes.

Programs to open .ICE file - ICE File Archive

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  • ESTsoft Corp.
  • Raphaël et Béatrice Mounier
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