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πŸ“Œ The .TBZ file sample relies on Unix-based .TAR encoded package, bundled and encrypted with a .BZIP algorithm. Basically, the .TBZ object entry is composed of a group of file resources which were primarily encrypted with the Unix Tar method, and afterwards bundled into an archived item with an open Bzip scheme. Recently Bzip has been entirely superseded with its successor, Bzip2, which can be freely utilized for the creation of .TBZ2 and .BZ2 instances. A range of common .TBZ2 items can distinctively employ the generally accustomed β€œ.TBZ” format category. The .TBZ format area is broadly utilized in scope of desktop operating systems only, and is not recognizable and opened up by any types of mobile devices, either Android- or iOS-related. The source code and logic of the .TBZ specification can be found online due to the distribution of the project in terms of open-based GPL license.

How to open an .TBZ file?

πŸ“Œ The packaged .TBZ file items are easily opened, maintained, and decoded by WinZip or StuffIt Deluxe software solutions, perfectly supported by real-time or virtual Windows systems of various editions and generations. Those of the community members who prefer .TBZ basement, and possess and make use of Apple workstations, are granted an opportunity to utilize Apple Archive Utility, Incredible Bee Archiver or formerly specified WinZip Mac toolkits, strictly consistent with macOS shell. Among those of the users who own and employ Linux or Unix environments, tar and 7-Zip command-line utilities can be recommended as a worthy alternative to other desktop analogues of the .TBZ archive decompressors. The .TBZ extension layout and build-up are affordable to be processed and operated only on stationary computers, laptops and tablets with Windows, macos or Linux platforms preinstalled.

Programs to open .TBZ file - Tar BZip 2 Compressed File

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