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πŸ“Œ .MPKG data container fits for storing, opening and operating with Macintosh installer packages, which include all the required installation resources in a single, unified common Mac OS X bundle. The .MPKG object instances are perfectly supported by Mac workstations and nodes natively. Therefore, you cannot open, handle and install .MPKG distributions on Windows and Linux shells, while not exploiting virtual software emulators and sandboxes. On macOS infrastructure, you are not suggested to tweak or associate .MPKG entities with any third-party, extensive products, accessible within your local environment. Hereby, you can easily run noted installation routines strictly from the original shell via a simple double click on the appropriate file package icon.

How to open an .MPKG file?

πŸ“Œ .MPKG file items are clearly comprehended and recognizable by a native Mac OS X installer, accessible within your shell by default. The extension doesn’t require any complementary installation of third-party products, add-ons or tools to sustain the basic .MPKG bundle. The format can be effortlessly opened and operated with Apple Installer, prebuilt into original Mac distribution from the very start. The .MPKG sets cannot be handled within any Windows or Linux workstations without the optional interaction with VMWare, VirtualBox, Virtual PC and other virtual-based emulators. In either case, Android tablets, iPhones and iPads are also not capable of maintaining the installation of the corresponding .MPKG-related file records. In short, .MPKG format definition serves for sharing and distribution of ready-made Mac utilities and products across the web-area and delivering them to the final customer or user.

Programs to open .MPKG file - Meta Package File

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