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PRS Archive

⇒ Category:Compressed Files

📌 Instead, the pinpoint .PRS file record can be recognized as an archive employed to store and open a corresponding SEGA Saturn game, such as Dark Legend, Sakura Taisem, or Sonic Adventure. Basically, the .PRS logic grasps the contents of an appropriate game encoded with the PRS encryption algorithm, which is correspondingly established on the basis of the LZ77 principle. Obviously, you will acquire an opportunity to encounter a .PRS extension category if you are keen on emulating old-fashioned SEGA Saturn video-game titles. As the practice witness, you are afforded the way to extract and unpackage the contents of a respective .PRS archive with PRSDec Auto utility, eligible for PRS decompression facilities and services and designed by Nemesis organization. It should be additionally noted that this specific product is especially handy and suitable for gamers attempting to adjust the file objects that make up the game to adjust gameplay sessions and principles. Finally, .PRS archives may also be exploited to hold and manage various PC entertainment game titles released in the early and middle 1990s.

Batch & Print Pro Printer Settings File

⇒ Category:Settings Files
⇒ Developer:Traction Software, Inc

📌 As the conclusive option, the .PRS specification elements may hold and embrace custom printer parameters stored within Batch & Print Pro, a solid and feature-packed print management solution. Particularly, this relevant .PRS format area involves various print setup tweaks and settings, such as printer configuration, print tray selection, and paper size. This accurate .PRS record division is generated after the user selects “Save Printer Settings As…” from the File menu branch in Batch & Print Pro suite. In the outcome, they can be easily opened and visualized by picking the “Load Printer Settings…” option from the menu hierarchy.

Harvard Graphics Presentation

⇒ Category:Data Files
⇒ Developer:Software Publishing Corporation

📌 Initially, the .PRS tech build-up may rely on the slide-show or presentation generated with Harvard Graphics software, assigned for visual representation and visualizing of interactive slideshows and promos. Basically, the .PRS pattern layout may be composed of graphs, charts, images, text, and other categories of media. In detail, the .PRS data components are generated and composed from an integrated, embedded template. The .PRS tagged marker was taken into practice by Harvard Graphics suite for Windows editions 1-3. Actual generations of the aforementioned software package embrace “Harvard Graphics 98”, “Easy Presentations”, “Advanced Presentations”, and “Pro Presentations” solutions, implemented with similar purposes and targets.

Calyx Point Prospect File

⇒ Category:Data Files
⇒ Developer:Calyx Technology, Inc

📌 One more opportune definition of the .PRS label indicator is tightly focused on the loan document generated by Point, a loan processing and origination toolkit. Precisely, the following .PRS structure covers crucial service data required to set up a loan for a prospective buyer. Basically, this relevant .PRS format make-up comprises loan comparison and prequalification data, as well as lender specifics and meta-content. As a matter of fact, the .PRS entries serve as predefined templates for creating .BRW borrower resources with custom borrower descriptors and arrangement nodes.

PlayStation Radio Player Location

⇒ Category:Miscellaneous Files
⇒ Developer:Sony Electronics Inc

📌 In specific non-typical situations, the pinpoint .PRS branch node may correspond to the shortcut to a Radioplayer URL that can be steadily and fluently loaded by a PSP or PlayStation 3’s Internet Radio Player. Essentially, the current .PRS constitution includes the location of the player, title, file icon, and other associated content. As an extra tweak, the .PRS entries can be generated on a Windows PC or workstation due to interference of the PRS Builder software initiative.

How to open an .PRS file?

📌 The .PRS file samples can be effortlessly and seamlessly uncovered, retrieved, and opened by presentation software related to Harvard Graphics legacy corporate trademark. Also it is affordable to make use of the Corel Presentations suite, currently obsolete. In particular preconditions, the pinpoint .PRS elements can be operated and processed by Calyx Point or Calyx PointCentral toolkits, oriented on loan processing and origination. Instead, in other uncommon cases the peculiar .PRS sources can be associated with RadioPlayer bundled within PlayStation 3 or PSP consoles. However, on Windows clients the target file composition can be surveyed, examined, and investigated by the PRS Builder package. In the rest of the situations, it is suggested and recommended to experiment with the PRSDec Auto bundle, suitable for decompressing classic SEGA Saturn game titles.

Programs to open .PRS file - PRS Archive

  • Windows
  • 🌐 Software
    ⌨️ Developer
    💵 License
  • Hivebrain

Programs to open .PRS file - PlayStation Radio Player Location

  • Windows

Programs to open .PRS file - Calyx Point Prospect File

  • Windows

Programs to open .PRS file - Harvard Graphics Presentation

  • Windows
  • 🌐 Software
    ⌨️ Developer
    💵 License
  • Harvard Graphics presentation software
  • Corel Corporation

Programs to open .PRS file - Batch & Print Pro Printer Settings File

  • Windows
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