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DAR Disk Archive

β‡’ Category:Compressed Files

πŸ“Œ As a matter of fact, most often the .DAR file basement relies on the distinct archive of a group of files or single file entity encoded with DAR (Disk ARchive) algorithm. Accurately, it is applied for creating incremental backup objects and split-archive items. Initially, the .DAR file standard intended to serve as a contemporary substitution for the .TAR archive package branch, and this purpose has been mostly accomplished due to plain and transparent logic and hierarchy of the .DAR build-up. However, the extension definition is recognizable by Linux environment solely, and is not comprehended by any other major OS types and categories, including Windows, macOS, and its relevant implementations and forks. Android devices are also not capable of opening proper .DAR package content.

DVD Architect Project

β‡’ Category:Settings Files
β‡’ Developer:Sony

πŸ“Œ A .DAR file type correlates with a project entry employed by DVD Architect, a powerful toolkit for authoring and mastering DVDs. In general, the .DAR objects include various designated structural parts of a common DVD project including source file entity chapters, text, insertion points, and locations. Therefore, .DAR records do not usually involve the actual audio, video, and images represented in the outcome project track but are utilized to make up the final resulting product when the user has accomplished the final editing of the track sequence. When you manage to design and open up a new authoring project in the DVD Architect package, you can specify the parameters and options for the audio format, video format and DVD carrier format, expected in the exit point.

How to open an .DAR file?

πŸ“Œ The .DAR sequences and tracks can be opened up, revealed and uncovered by DVD Architect suite, whose maintenance and technical support are entirely ceased and terminated until now. In the rest of the clauses, the resulting .DAR logic may refer to archiving category, whereas the targeted .DAR resources are unpackaged, decoded and decompressed by Disk ARchive utility, built-in into Linux distributives and branches of the actual and former generations. The DAR plugin can also be pre-installed from the official Linux repository if the add-on appeared not available in the basic shell set. The format is noncompliant with Mac workstations and nodes, as well as with Android gadgets, iPhones and iPads. The format totally relies on close constitution and foundation.

Programs to open .DAR file - DAR Disk Archive File

  • Linux

Programs to open .DAR file - DVD Architect Project

  • Windows
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