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DupArchive Format File

β‡’ Category:Compressed Files
β‡’ Developer:Snap Creek Software

πŸ“Œ A .DAF file record can be also associated with the archive generated, opened and stored in the DupArchive Format (DAF) schema and processed by the SnapCreek Duplicator Pro plug-in, which is targeted for backing up and migrating custom Wordpress sites. Essentially, the .DAF layout includes one or more file instances that make up and constitute a specific Wordpress site and is generally compressed to save and economize hard disk space considering the storage capacity. On the composition and hierarchy, the .DAF items are pretty accustomed to .ZIP logic and are primarily designated for storing large, massive Wordpress site projects. In order to accomplish the saving routine of your active Wordpress site project in .DAF basement, you should possess the Duplicator Pro plug-in pre-installed and available in the dashboard of your current Wordpress campaign. After the add-on is properly installed, you should switch to the .DAF constitution from the default Zip representation. In order to implement this feature, pick Set Duplicator Pro -> Settings -> Packages -> Archive Engine to DupArchive element from the primary WordPress menu branch.

Digital Anchor File

β‡’ Category:Data Files
β‡’ Developer:Telecompute Integrated Systems

πŸ“Œ The basic definition of the .DAF file technology is tightly focused on the secure database samples for the Digital Anchor database engine, an ultra-productive, portable, robust, and compact database system. In practice, the .DAF extension mechanics allow to maintain and hold electronic database content in binary and text representations and shapes. In the former years, the .DAF tech covered Digital Anchor software project, formerly supported and enhanced by Telecompute corporate group, was removed to discontinued and ceased development status. Since that period of time, the .DAF compatible project has lost the official compliance with recent Windows editions and revisions. Therefore the .DAF consistent package cannot be executed and processed within Windows 11, 10 and former system builds due to archaic architecture and basement of the product source code, and incompatibility with recent Windows libraries and environmental components. Digital Anchor bundle compliant with the .DAF file standard could be described as a functionally satiated set of components, utilized to manage the database composition, define and execute relevant queries and powerful abilities for business environment and configuration.

How to open an .DAF file?

πŸ“Œ The .DAF file objects can be smoothly discovered, investigated, and opened up by the Digital Anchor toolkit designed and deployed by the Telecompute software group. This respective software initiative fit as a powerful .DAF compliant database engine, able to run SQL queries, extract proper data from tables and perform various database maintenance and operating tasks. The project included a few compound .DAF covered modules, which were closely integrated between each other and were oriented on individual Digital Anchor app abilities and options. Nowadays, the .DAF consistent Digital Anchor project remains in ceased development and support status, and is compatible with former editions of Windows system only, released in the preceding years. Last but not least, the .DAF file format specification is also consistent with SnapCreek Duplicator Pro web-service, open for direct access from a dedicated web-browser, either available within your operating architecture by default, from scratch, or downloaded from a third-party online source or repository. The SnapCreek Duplicator Pro bundle, adapted for .DAF extension appliance and exploitation, serves for migrating and exporting proper .DAF data across Wordpress sites, published on your web-server or locally.

Programs to open .DAF file - DupArchive Format File

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Programs to open .DAF file - Digital Anchor File

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