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β‡’ Category:Compressed Files
β‡’ Developer:Harri Hirvola

πŸ“Œ The .HA methodology is focused on compressed archive items composed, opened, and built by HA (also widely spread as HArc), an archiving bundle supported by MS-DOS and Unix architectures. Accurately, the current algorithm involves one or several data instances that have apparently been compressed and packaged with ASC principle. These appropriate .HA files can be very rarely met in modern system platforms and shells, as the whole approach is extinct and not employed long ago. The HA compression solution has been initially opened up, invented and coded in 1993. From the very start, it allowed users to store personal file content in the shape of .HA elements. Ordinarily, the files embedded into certain patterns are archived and encoded with HSC or ASC algorithm mechanics. Each of the relevant extension resources consists of a primary header that is started with the HA marker, which directly identifies the concerned data element as an internal archive set. After the formerly labeled tag, the header of the .HA file proceeds with the statement of the quantity of file resources the proper data source consists of. During the archiving routine, HA algorithm also attaches a distinctive header section to each of the file objects placed within the archive. At most, the header informs the system regarding the version of .HA-embraced algorithm build applied to compress the pinpoint file entry, the outcome filename, the compressed size, and the original size of the basic data package.

How to open an .HA file?

πŸ“Œ The noted entry content can be accurately opened, extracted and unpackaged with the interference of accustomed archivers, such as WinRAR, or ALZip. Natively the format is supported by HA utility, also known as HArc. Furthermore, the inclusive sample schema can be converted to other compressed shapes by referencing the Logipole Konvertor suite.

Programs to open .HA file - HA Compressed Archive

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