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πŸ“Œ The .PBI pattern build-up corresponds to an installation package generated and adapted for the PC-BSD operating platform. Accurately, the .PBI arrangement embraces a setup data item and libraries required for a complete installation of the proper suite. When being opened, the .PBI extension algorithm runs up the PC-BSD installation wizard. In practice, all of the .PBI file samples behave analogously to the SETUP.EXE instance, embedded into all Windows installers and distributives. Briefly, the formerly specified entry elements are applied to install PC-BSD, a desktop-oriented operating shell established and founded on the basement of FreeBSD architecture, which can be described as an alternative implementation of the original BSD (abbreviated from Berkeley Software Distribution term) shell. Precisely, the FreeBSD desktop platform has primarily represented to the audience and became available for distribution in 1993 and until now remains the most broadly-employed open based fork of the BSD environment.

How to open an .PBI file?

πŸ“Œ The .PBI file methodology and internal layout are smoothly and steadily opened, tracked, and analyzed by PC-BSD, an extinct operating system released until 2006 and now discontinued.

Programs to open .PBI file - PC BSD Installer Package

  • Linux
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