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πŸ“Œ The .BZ compression specification is oriented onto the file archives encoded with the Bzip algorithm. Frequently, the .BZ objects are created on Unix systems with the involvement of typical bzip software utility. The following .BZ extension layout combines both Run-Length Encoding (RLE) and the Burrows-Wheeler algorithms which package and encrypt the outcome data better in comparison with Gzip (.GZIP) method, although considerably more time resources are required for correct data processing. .BZ archives can be decompressed and opened up with the assistance of various decompression methods and packages, including bzip2 and Bunzip, which are included with a majority of initial Linux distributions and setup installers. Consider that .BZ archives are not encoded and compressed as quickly as other principles afford to, which reflects on overall archive processing time indicators, common for alternate algorithms and schemas.

How to open an .BZ file?

πŸ“Œ The .BZ instances are explored, decompressed and opened up by a vast range of actual archiver projects, such as WinRAR, 7-Zip, WinZip, StuffIt Deluxe. One more important condition - the .BZ extension is supported by macOS shell on the software layer due to availability of Apple Archive Utility package, initially integrated into the Mac environment. The file format is clearly and transparently visible and can be accessed within Linux architecture, as well (particularly, the bzip2 package gained a native compatibility with the .BZ file sample layout). The .BZ principle is a worthy, sustainable alternative of the accustomed .ZIP, .7Z, and .RAR approaches, and efficiently competes with the aforenoted workflows due to open based, clear representation and free availability of the methodical sources, which allow to built-in the file format support into newer archiver solutions and suites before they are actually deployed on a corporate or domestic infrastructure.

Programs to open .BZ file - Bzip Compressed File

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