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πŸ“Œ The .TZ algorithm serves for decompression and opening up of the Unix Tar archives encoded with a primary, basic Unix schema. In general, the .TZ items combine .Z principle and .TAR archive logic. Appropriately, the .TZ file samples are normally applied for packaging and encoding of the proper file collections on Unix-based devices and environments. Initially, the .TZ file records can be without obstructions extracted and decoded on a basic Unix shell with the assistance of the predefined command instruction: tar -xzvf [the_name_of_the_file]. The .TZ extension layout is compliant and supported by desktop operating systems only and cannot be opened up on any mobile or handheld platform or gadget. Natively, the .TZ principle is designated for Linux or Unix shells and their fork distributions.

How to open an .TZ file?

πŸ“Œ The .TZ data layout can be freely opened, adjusted and decompressed with the interaction of StuffIt Deluxe or WinZip suites, available for installation and usage on Windows or Mac nodes. In accordance with open-source distribution of the applet code, you are granted a chance to review and handle appropriate item constitution by unpackaging the initial archive set into a typical shape or form, preconfigured on your desktop machine. Besides, you can reference the aforementioned instances and records in scope of the console command-line instructions and utilities, available in the Linux environment. Particularly, you may exploit tar or gunzip shell commands to unpack and extract the source .TZ archive build-up. Android and iOS gadgets and phones are not consistent with the custom technology.

Programs to open .TZ file - Compressed Tar Archive

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  • Linux
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