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Game Data Bundle File

β‡’ Category:Compressed Files
β‡’ Developer:Electronic Arts

πŸ“Œ The .BUNDLE layout may also be comprehended as an accurate data archive packed with the zlib encoding algorithm. The following .BUNDLE format area is utilized by various computer games and apps, such as the Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Burnout Paradise racing entertainment franchises. Essentially, the aforenoted .BUNDLE resource definition includes sound effects and audio streams, such as siren and engine sounds. Besides, the following .BUNDLE structure is typically composed of internal object models and textures, exploited within the game during gameplay or while setting and building the scenes. This appropriate .BUNDLE file schema is rarely employed in modern game projects, and was especially relevant in the middle 2000’s. This specific file constitution is copyrighted by Electronic Arts publisher and was exploited within the internal racing simulators, unexceptionally. Therefore, you won;t get a chance to tackle the .BUNDLE file composition in gaming releases from other publishers.

Mac OS X Application Bundle

β‡’ Category:Plugin Files
β‡’ Developer:Apple Inc

πŸ“Œ This custom .BUNDLE format layout serves as a plug-in or package which complements miscellaneous abilities and features to the application in Mac OS X environment or to the operating system itself. Amongst the examples, the auxiliary effects in iMovie suite, extensions for Dreamweaver, customly predefined printer filters, and support for video and audio cards should be specified on the first hand. A wide majority of .BUNDLE file items can be encountered within the /System/Library/ disk folder. Other structural .BUNDLE elements are stored within the application support or primary app directories. Furthermore, the .BUNDLE samples are referenced and utilized by the programs below and are not expected to be opened up in the manual principle. The noted .BUNDLE file records are accurately revealed and opened up by Mac OS X operating environment internally, on the software layer.

How to open an .BUNDLE file?

πŸ“Œ The .BUNDLE items can be explored and opened by internal Mac OS X infrastructure, without referencing any third-party software packages and distributions. This subtype of the file schema is strictly designated for adding miscellaneous hints and tweaks within the supported tools and are not suggested and expected to be revealed in the manual workflow. One more possible case of the .BUNDLE entry utilization is an employment of Electronic Arts racing simulators, belonging to Need for Speed and Burnout franchises. This specific file entry branch fits for storing various audio effects and samples, applied during the walkthrough process. At last, the .BUNDLE samples can be eligible for representing textures and polygons during the schematic reconstruction of proper-in game scenes and scenarios. Currently this substructure of the .BUNDLE entry category is rarely applied in modern entertainment projects and game releases due to its archaic build-up and outdated hierarchy.

Programs to open .BUNDLE file - Game Data Bundle File

  • Windows

Programs to open .BUNDLE file - Mac OS X Application Bundle

  • Mac OS
  • 🌐 Software
    ⌨️ Developer
    πŸ’΅ License
  • Apple Inc.
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