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πŸ“Œ The .PACK.GZ resources are initially encoded with the assistance of Pak200 methodics (in order to constitute a resulting .PACK sample), and then encoded miscellaneously via gzip compression logic (i.e., into an outcome .GZ object entry). In an accustomed principle, the .PACK.GZ extension structure is mainly exploited for reducing the file size of a .JAR record for further downloading the data contents over the Internet (particularly, across messengers, emails, clouds, etc.). At last, the .PACK.GZ instance items are generally employed by Java Web Start clients for further retrieval, opening and unpacking the JAR samples over the web-network for respective Java tools and services.

How to open an .PACK.GZ file?

πŸ“Œ The packaged .PACK.GZ entities can be fluently decompressed into a typical state, opened and reviewed by WinZip, StuffIt Deluxe or Oracle Java Web Start utilities due to native compatibility and support of this extension definition by the aforementioned software programs. Besides, the required .PACK.GZ archives can be flexibly decoded into .PACK file items by a gzip utility, initially oriented on decompression aims. However, they are not able to be opened up and restored to the original .JAR composition without referencing the Pax200 distributive. As for the actual period of time, any support and maintenance of Oracle Pax200 and Java Web Start projects are completely ceased and discontinued.

Programs to open .PACK.GZ file - Pack200 Compressed Archive

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  • Linux
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  • Oracle
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