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πŸ“Œ A .DEB specification can be identified as a bundled package employed, utilized and opened by the Debian Linux system fork and its competitive variants, like Ubuntu. .DEB entries are exploited primarily to update or install Unix apps and services. Each of the .DEB file instances serves as a typical Unix archived set which includes two .TAR extension branches; one for preinstalled and configurable data and the other for the installer control characteristics. Users are accustomed to manage, install and open up various .DEB items on Ubuntu, Debian, and other consistent Linux editions with the assistance of either APT package management toolkit or the dpkg utility. Furthermore, the community members are offered an opportunity to unpackage and decompress outcome .DEB records in order to review their contents prior to the installation routine.

How to open an .DEB file?

πŸ“Œ In order to set up a software distributive packaged into a .DEB entity in scope of Ubuntu, Debian, or other compatible Linux distribution, you can refer to the dpkg utility. Those of the users who possess jailbroken iPhone or iPad devices can utilize iFunbox or Cydia programs, entirely compatible with the .DEB file objects. If you desire to review, open and explore the .DEB entry contents without its former decompression, consider the usage of PeaZip, B1 Free Archiver, 7-Zip or other compatible software archiver, available within your desktop or mobile-based infrastructure. After all, you may convert .DEB source instances to the .TGZ, .RPM and other Linux-supported format subcategories with the aid of Alien, a sustainable Linux-relied package conversion product, distributed and promoted in accordance with the freeware open-source license.

Programs to open .DEB file - Debian Software Package

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