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πŸ“Œ An .AAB format logic relies on the Android App Bundle definition which developers apply for uploading apps to Google Play store. After upload is completed, Google Play market utilizes a custom process entitled as Dynamic Delivery to deliver, share and open optimized revisions of applet packages (.APK entities) on trusted, authorized user devices so afterwards they include only specific .AAB extensions fragments of the app that each device requires to run. With Dynamic Delivery mechanics, app installation sizes can be considerably reduced on custom user devices and nodes. With the implementation and deployment of fresher Android App Bundle (.AAB) file technology, Google motivates developers to easily switch to newer format definition by pre-installing Android Studio 3.2 or later edition. After the desired .AAB file object is uploaded to Google Play store, Dynamic Delivery consistently code signs and creates optimized .APK entries to the defined .AAB structure.

How to open an .AAB file?

πŸ“Œ .AAB file specification is flawlessly opened and recognized by Google Android Studio toolkit and Google bundletool utility, at most designated for publishing and deploying new custom Android applets and products to the Google Play store. The .AAB standard is closely related to Dynamic Delivery approach, which is absolutely eligible for opening up and delivering enhanced revisions of Android packages to user devices so they contain only partial fragments of the conclusive app that each corresponding device or gadget requires to run. The .AAB technology allows to significantly minimize the resulting file sizes before they are uploaded and transferred to an Android smartphone or tablet for subsequent file installation or configuring. The noted .AAB format logic is suggested to be utilized for generating .APK distributions for specific device configurations and infrastructures. If you desire to build new .APK entries from a relevant .AAB object entity, you are provided means to exploit bundletool utility, distributed on the freeware principle.

Programs to open .AAB file - Android App Bundle

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
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