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πŸ“Œ The .CU format specification is tightly focused on the developer file arrangement written for CUDA, an NVIDIA architecture composed and opened up for parallel processing on nVidia GPUs. Precisely, the .CU file layout suggests internal availability of source code written in the β€œC for CUDA” language, on the logic and basement pretty close to the standard C approach considering a few CUDA-related add-ons and plugins. .CU file extension elements are generally entitled as β€œkernels”, which are distinguished as .CU covered processing units that can be run and opened in a parallel way on CUDA-related GPUs designed and promoted by NVIDIA corporation. Generally, kernels are precompiled with nvcc, a compiler toolkit embedded into the NVIDIA CUDE environment. CUDA apps are frequently exploited in academic or scientific settings for large-scaled and comprehensive calculations. CUDA-oriented GPUs embraced by .CU technique can also be referenced as GPGPUs, which is abbreviated from the General Purpose Graphical Processing Units term.

How to open an .CU file?

πŸ“Œ Mostly, the .CU file pattern is comprehended, recognized, and opened by NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit or any plain text editor or code viewer, either pre-installed within your system by default or downloaded from the external third-party server, such as Microsoft Notepad, Sublime Text, WordPad, and more.

Programs to open .CU file - CUDA Source Code File

  • Windows
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