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Haskell Script

β‡’ Developer:Microsoft Corporation

πŸ“Œ The .HS components rely on the source code of a program written in Haskell, a clearly functional and feature-packed programming language technology, which implies that the custom developer’s code is based strictly on functions. Moreover, the following .HS item area also employs non-strict semantics, which permits the user to define and open up various predefined data structures and functions. On the layout and markup, the .HS entries are nearly identical to the .LHS category. In order to be able to run, an appropriate .HS source element must be compiled by a Haskell compiler. Haskell technology is distinguished as a statically-typed, general-purpose, multi-featured programming language with lazy evaluation and type inference. At most, the .HS files are normally utilized for industrial, research and teaching types of apps and are differentiated by several implementations, designed in various periods of times and conditions.

Java HelpSet File

β‡’ Category:Text Files
β‡’ Developer:Sun Microsystems

πŸ“Œ Alternatively, the .HS schema recognizes the help documentation referenced by the JavaHelp system for a certain app or solution. Precisely, the noted .HS extension entry is composed of embedded presentation data, home ID, title, view information, and a map file. After all, the following .HS subdivision may also include optional implementation information and sub-helpsets. Hereby, the .HS file instances are ordinarily formatted in the XML markup. The .HS logic is flexibly opened, uncovered, reviewed and monitored within Windows, macOS and Linux devices and stations, either of legacy or up-to-date editions. Due to the quite transparent and flexible internal constitution of the .HS container, you may review the file content with any plain text viewer, either pre-installed by default or downloaded from the third-party, external online repositories or server storages. The actual .HS file category also maintains XML tags and markers within the file schema.

Motorola Flash Flex File

β‡’ Category:Miscellaneous Files
β‡’ Developer:Motorola

πŸ“Œ In the other preconditions, the .HS item may stand out as a firmware update file for a Motorola cell phone. Specifically, the .HS hierarchy is applied to β€œflash” the memory of the phone and update the requested software. The following .HS technological basement is frequently exploited to adjust or β€œmod” the interface of the phone. The .HS samples can be employed by a cell phone with the connectivity of the phone to a PC via USB-cable and running the RSD Lite or PST Phone Programmer tools. The defined .HS extension entry branch is employed by technical experts and modders to technically install the updated firmware shell into the memory of Motorola cell phone in the manual way by uploading the formerly obtained firmware file into the device memory area. The actual .HS instance definition is recognized by Windows platform solely, and is not visible by other operating systems and environments.

LaserTank High Scores File

β‡’ Category:Game Files
β‡’ Developer:JEK Software

πŸ“Œ Another substantial foundation of the .HS element is associated with the game file generated by LaserTank, a puzzle gaming product where players solve various tasks and missions. In accordance with the LaserTank project constitution, the actual .HS technological principle saves the high score for a level and can be submitted to the LaserTank .HS highscores list in online representation and build-up. After the results of the gaming session are uploaded to the online server, other LaserTank players would be able to review and compare their .HS high score progress with other competitive community members, who struggle for best achievements and results of their efforts. The .HS high score tables are uploaded from the primary game menu, accessible after running the LaserTank game in runtime mode. The LaserTank gaming project is accessible within the Windows platform solely amongst all subareas of desktop environments and operating systems.

How to open an .HS file?

πŸ“Œ If the original .HS item corresponds to the Haskell script, you may open it up with Leksah, EclipseFP, WinHugs, gVim, yi, The Haskell Platform SDK, GNU Emacs and other rival software products, taken into practice for monitoring and tracking this precise .HS format branch. In case the original .HS entry includes Java HelpSet data, it can be without obstructions uncovered and visualized in a transparent view by Sun MicroSystems HelpSet Viewer or any general text editor, employed for your daily practices, notes creation or marking checklists. Otherwise, if the .HS principle logic concerns firmware updates and enhancements, you may upload the acquired .HS object into the Motorola phone gadget with the assistance of Motorola PST Phone Programmer or Motorola RSD Lite suites, designated for these particular types of operations. In the rest of the clauses, the .HS elements are revealed by LaserTank game online service, which stores and maintains high-scores of top product players, improving their experiences and gaining proper achievements.

Programs to open .HS file - Haskell Script

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  • Linux

Programs to open .HS file - LaserTank High Scores File

  • Windows

Programs to open .HS file - Motorola Flash Flex File

  • Windows

Programs to open .HS file - Java HelpSet File

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
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