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πŸ“Œ This custom .GCH specification correlates with a specific file designed for and opened by various program development suites and products such as Microsoft Visual C++ and GNU-based C++ and C compiler (GCC). Essentially, the .GCH foundation logic comprises a precompiled header .H item which is eligible for reducing and minimizing the processing time and hardware resources for certain compilers. On the internal logic and arrangement, the .GCH file pattern is pretty close to precompiled header .PCH items. Finally, in typical clauses the following predefined schema constitution covers the source code written on C/C++ programming language, and opens up and references the other source code containers (for instance, .CPP samples).

How to open an .GCH file?

πŸ“Œ All of the .GCH extension marked branch nodes are steadily and efficiently operated, opened, and processed by Microsoft Visual Studio and GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) desktop bundles, irreplaceable for advanced and keen engineers, software architects, and developers.

Programs to open .GCH file - Precompiled Header File

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • 🌐 Software
    ⌨️ Developer
    πŸ’΅ License
  • Microsoft Corporation
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