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πŸ“Œ A .LUA entry consists of the source code lines written in Lua, a light-weight programming language designated for adding or extending miscellaneous features and abilities to software solutions and apps. Essentially, the syntax of the Lua scripting language is simple but maintains a solid quantity of data operators and types. The following scripting technology can be opened up, run and parsed by a Lua interpreter. Developers are also afforded a way to compile source .LUA items into binary executable shape with the assistance of ANSI C compiler or integrate Lua scripts into existing services or toolkits, which are afterwards compiled and executed. Lua specification is applied for diverse purposes, including scripting on the web or in applications, programming games, and adding plugins and add-ons to databases. Among the bright examples of the technology employment are the customization of Dawn of War and World of Warcraft games and the design and deployment of the Adobe Lightroom app UI shell.

How to open an .LUA file?

πŸ“Œ The developers are accustomed to open and adjust .LUA file contents with typical source code editors, such as Roblox Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio Code. In addition, the .LUA specification is comprehended by simple text editors and word processors, such as Microsoft Notepad, MacroMates TextMate, GNU Emacs, Vim, and other respective software instances. At last, the file extension can be opened in scope of Android mobile infrastructure with the aid of QuickEdit applet, also compatible with other major code standards and technologies. Similarly to any other primary development code editors, it is recommended to pick a tool with the syntax highlighting, operators suggestions, and automatic filling in of the class interface definitions on the initialization stage. Nevertheless, the .LUA file mechanics are mostly oriented on desktop systems and nodes, available within the user area of interaction.

Programs to open .LUA file - Lua Source File

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Android
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