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πŸ“Œ A .JAVA format type definition correlates with a source code entry written in the Java development technology, initially designed, opened up, published and promoted by Sun Microsystems. However, currently the Java trademark is copyrighted by Oracle enterprise. The .JAVA record structure is based on the object-oriented approach, where structured data types, entitled as classes, are employed to instantiate ready-made coded objects at the runtime mode. In the outcome, the specific source code instances are afterwards compiled into .CLASS samples with the assistance of the Java compiler (runnable by the javac console command). Hereby, the .JAVA files ordinarily include bytecode which can be opened and executed by the JVM virtual machine. The JVM bundle can be smoothly and effortlessly downloaded for every custom global operating system, among which Windows, macOS and Linux are required to be put into the front row.

How to open an .JAVA file?

πŸ“Œ .JAVA source occurrences can be opened up and sustained by various software development IDEs and SDKs, such as Oracle JVM, Eclipse, Google Android Studio, EditPlus, Vim, Apache NetBeans, Microsoft Notepad, Apple xCode, MacroMates TextMate, javac, GNU Emacs, Vi, and other rival, professional toolkits. As long as the extension is consistent with all major platforms and infrastructures, you may handle the mentioned file schema with any of the predefined shells, regardless of its release date and generation. Furthermore, some of the concurrent Android code editors and viewers are also afforded a chance to reveal the desired .JAVA file item contents, either from the very start, natively, or by pre-installing the respective plug-ins. Another vital note: Android applets can be also coded in Java language but are run using the Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM), which slightly differs from the JVM SDK, optimized and refined for Android sandbox.

Programs to open .JAVA file - Java Source Code

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
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