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β‡’ Category:Developer Files
β‡’ Developer:Rockwell Automation, Inc

πŸ“Œ A .MER file format interpretation is distinguished as a runtime data object composed, established, and opened by Rockwell Automation RSView suite. Accurately, the .MER file schema encompasses program data that has been formerly precompiled and saved in an executable shape. In common, these respective .MER file object samples are retrieved from RSView development (.MED) object resources. RSView toolset can be described as a Human Machine Interface (HMI) package that enables users to control, monitor, and develop diverse industrial automation systems. It is accessible in various editions, including ME (Machine Edition) and Studio revisions. After a developer succeeds creating and opening a .MER wrapped automation service in RSView, they are granted the possibility to compile that outcome solution and save it as a .MER file pattern. After this stage is done, RSView can execute the program to perform the proper automation tasks it covers. Since 2021, the RSView has been superseded with FactoryTalk software initiative in accordance with toolkit author, the Rockwell Automation corporate representative.

How to open an .MER file?

πŸ“Œ This predefined .MER file extension basement is operated, examined, opened up, and processed by RSView suite, designed and shared by Rockwell Automation business enterprise and runnable within Windows desktop environment, unexceptionally.

Programs to open .MER file - RSView Development Runtime File

  • Windows
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