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CodeCharge Studio Page File

⇒ Category:Developer Files
⇒ Developer:YesSoftware

📌 Another opportune assignment of the compound .CCP extension schema arrangement is based on the .XML layout generated by CodeCharge Studio, a toolkit applied for rapid Web-application design and coding. Precisely, the noted .CCP hierarchy maintains the precise design layout for a proper web-page component and can be reused across all webpages. Therefore, the current .CCP approach is applied for designing the visual UI and logic of report layouts, forms, and other reusable components and interface elements. As the practice witnesses, the .CCP components can be included into a relevant CodeCharge Studio project constitution, embraced into a resulting .CCS file node.

CopperCube jаvascript File

⇒ Category:3D Image Files
⇒ Developer:Ambiera

📌 The primary definition of the .CCP file specification is closely associated with the data elements, generated, composed, and opened up by CopperCube, a web-site, 3D game, and app editing toolkit. Essentially, the .CCP logic internally maintains a prefabricated object that can be easily and flexibly entered into your custom 3D scene. Furthermore, the .CCP composition also considers availability of links to .PNG and .JPG graphic entries that comprise the outcome appearance of the noted objects. On the hierarchy and arrangement, the .CCP variation design is close to the Unity .PREFAB logic. CopperCube suite contains integrated .CCP prefabs, although you may design and compose personal data resources with a .CCP format marker on your personal intention. Pick File -> Export -> Save current file as CopperCube Prefab… menu item, fill in the preferential file entitlement, choose the save location, and click on Save button to confirm the changes. Built-in .CCP compound elements can be found within the “Prefabs” branch of the CopperCub UI menu. On Mac devices and nodes, integrated .CCP resources are allocated within the CopperCube app infrastructure.

RIB Import Converter Profile

⇒ Category:Data Files
⇒ Developer:RIB Software SE

📌 Another complementary destination of the .CCP data container is related to the file item employed by iTWO, a software package reserved for engineering and planning of various constructions. Correspondingly, the following .CCP node internally stores and handles a conversion profile, which maps respective data fields between an internal iTWO .XML makeup and the external data source (for instance, plain text .TXT element or a Microsoft Excel .XLS spreadsheet document). In the suggested way, the .CCP resources are opened and employed by a tool in the iTWO software bundle entitled as the RIB Import Converter, which is distinguished by the cconv.exe filename marker.

How to open an .CCP file?

📌 At most, the .CCP format instances are handled, opened, and reviewed by the Ambiera CopperCube desktop suite, tightly focused on the Windows and macOS-embraced computer devices. In exceptional circumstances, it is affordable to practice with RIB iTWO software distributive (particularly, its integral RIB Import Converter plugin component) while making an attempt to retrieve and visualize the .CCP entries composition and build-up. In the rest of the situations, it may be reasonable and worthy to make use of the CodeCharge Studio software bundle, mainly designated for designing highly productive and efficient Web-applications in a flexible, configurable environment. In any of the predefined situations, the pinpoint .CCP elements are maintained and supported by Windows and macOS shells, unexceptionally.

Programs to open .CCP file - CodeCharge Studio Page File

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Programs to open .CCP file - RIB Import Converter Profile

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Programs to open .CCP file - CopperCube jаvascript File

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