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HansaWorld Application Language File

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πŸ“Œ In majority of the preconditions, the .HAL format area is associated with a file composition applied and opened by HansaWorld ERP-system, an Enterprise Resource Planning (the term which stands for the ERP abbreviation) suite. Basically, the .HAL data structure covers program code written in accordance with the app-related HansaWorld Application Language (HAL) specification rules and terms. Particularly, the actual extension definition is assigned to create custom-tailored and configurable app components, plugins, and add-ons, such as database forms and business reports. .HAL object instances can be typically allocated within the Halcust folder of a HansaWorld ERP Enterprise shell installation path.

HotDocs Answer Library

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πŸ“Œ One more predefined variation of the .HAL record logic is closely related to the library file entity generated and opened up by HotDocs, a suite eligible for preparing and composing various digital forms. Precisely, the .HAL arrangement stored pinpoint references to a list of the .ANX answer file entitlements. As a rule, this distinctive category of the .HAL schema stores all of its internal composition in a binary shape. Thus, the following algorithm enables concerned collection of records and answers to be organized, arranged, and structured altogether. .HAL shaped HotDocs answer collections of libraries may also be structured in the form of the recent XML-embraced .HDL schema approach.

How to open an .HAL file?

πŸ“Œ In the ordinary circumstances, most of the .HAL items and resources can be sustained, handled, and opened by HansaWorld ERP Enterprise system, oriented on advancement, improvement, and optimization of internal corporate business-processed and routines in financial, customer relationship, warehousing, trading, and other areas of industry. In the rest of the clauses, it would be reasonable and in-time to exploit the HotDocs suite, also perfectly comprehending the .HAL format mechanics and principles.

Programs to open .HAL file - HansaWorld Application Language File

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Programs to open .HAL file - HotDocs Answer Library

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