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C# Source Code File

β‡’ Category:Developer Files
β‡’ Developer:Microsoft Corporation

πŸ“Œ A .CS document subtype is normally recognized as a source code file written in C# programming language, a powerful object-oriented technological solution designed by Microsoft to be used with .NET and .NET Framework, the follower of the former development constitution. Precisely, the .CS extension specification is utilized for the development of a wide and broad application range, from tiny desktop utilities and editors to global tools for distributed infrastructures and client-server accessibility. Custom .CS code developers make use of C# in order to build up apps which are operating in the .NET eco-platform, distinguished as a software framework which offers a typical principle for deploying and scaling the freshly designed solutions.

CLEO Custom Script

β‡’ Category:Game Files
β‡’ Developer:Rockstar Games

πŸ“Œ In non-typical circumstances, the .CS items may correlate with customly defined scripts adapted for CLEO 3, a third-party scripting technology for GTA: San Andreas game. Thus, this subarea of .CS info documents permit players to extend and widen the opportunities of the game via custom functions and keys generally entitled as β€œopcodes”. As an extra perk, the .CS object entries may be flawlessly created and opened with Sanny Builder, an auxiliary GTA mod utility for advanced tweaks and debugging with the level design and in-game characters behavior. If you manage to open a particular .CS entity with the GTA: San Andreas project, the corresponding .CS resource should be put into the β€œgame\CLEO” directory.

ColorSchemer Studio Color Scheme

β‡’ Category:Data Files
β‡’ Developer:CHROMAom

πŸ“Œ One more definition of the .CS file extension can be designated as a discrete object made up by ColorSchemer Studio, a flexible program solution utilized for designing color palettes for home decoration, magazines, websites, online-portals and other specific media divisions and subbranches. Naturally, the .CS file objects store and maintain the color schemes designated for specific users which often include complementary colors which are associated with one another on the spectrum of proper color gamma. On the status of actual moment of time, the development, refinement, maintenance, and support of the ColorSchemer Studio package with built-in .CS file type compatibility are entirely terminated and ceased.

How to open an .CS file?

πŸ“Œ In ordinary cases, .CS file type is generally supported and sustained by Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, perfectly adapted for building up and coding software of any complexity level, disregarding the native platform for the solution and the targets it is suggested to accomplish. As long as .CS items are generally composed of simple code lines, you may refer to a basic text editor or word processor in order to open, review or adjust the relevant .CS entry contents. However, the Visual Studio sandbox includes the compiler to monitor the bugs and track the workflow of the source code within the .CS file, therefore it is recommended to make use of one of the .CS compliant environments for efficient tracking of the defects and malfunctions.

Programs to open .CS file - C# Source Code File

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux

Programs to open .CS file - ColorSchemer Studio Color Scheme

  • Windows

Programs to open .CS file - CLEO Custom Script

  • Windows
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