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πŸ“Œ The following .GROOVY extension is exploited by the files containing source code written in Groovy standard, a programming language close to the Java interface. The actual .GROOVY technology is formed on the foundation of an object-oriented programming approach, which is particularly helpful for designing custom services, tools and applications. Therefore, the .GROOVY principles are smoothly and gently integrated into the Java platform, which makes it especially easy and handful for Java programmers and coders to open up and learn Groovy methods and syntax. It should be miscellaneously noted that other languages have put appropriate influence into the technological standard as well, such as Smalltalk, Ruby, and Python. Some extended features of the programming techniques include compact code blocks within the file fragments so that code is finally easier to open up and read and becomes compatible with Java libraries and classes.

How to open an .GROOVY file?

πŸ“Œ A .GROOVY file schema is free-to-use, opened and processed by Oracle Java Virtual Machine, Eclipse, Sublime Text, and Apache NetBeans SDKs, able to sustain, uncover and monitor the .GROOVY file code samples in a natural, unconstrained and flexible approach. At last, the .GROOVY data records can be explored and tracked by MacroMates TextMate text editor, consistent with Mac monoblocks, laptops and mainframes. Furthermore, the .GROOVY info samples are uncovered and reviewed by several Android applets, able to display and represent the source code content in a transparent and flexible constitution and shape. If you got used to your daily utilized code editor, such as SlickEdit, Vim, UltraEdit, or Visual Studio Code, they also perfectly comprehend the designated file samples and may display the templates and partial code components without any hindrances and obstructions. The programming technology is supported by all major systems and their related branches and parental infrastructures.

Programs to open .GROOVY file - Groovy Source Code File

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
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