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πŸ“Œ An .EX data category serves for storing and opening up source code entries written in the Euphoria programming language, an ordinary, basic procedural-approach technological principle language. Accurately, the .EX items may include all the source code for a program or may be one of several Euphoria source code objects in a project being designed and developed. The Euphoria development specification fits for maintenance and opening of easy-to-learn .EX code constructions and techniques. Originally the Euphoria standard has been introduced in 1993. Natively the Euphoria distributive was released by Rapid Development Software organization, and afterwards has been converted to open-source shape and constitution in 2006. Currently the suite is operated and handled by the openEuphoria Group. The development language, stored in the .EX extension objects, can now be utilized to design apps and services for Windows, Linux, MS-DOS, and FreeBSD.

How to open an .EX file?

πŸ“Œ As long as all of the .EX file instances are held and sustained in plain textual shape, you can make use of any accustomed word processor or text editor, such as Microsoft Notepad, Notepad++, GNU Emacs, Pico, Microsoft WordPad and other alternate solutions, pre-installed in your operating shell, to open, monitor and investigate the .EX file constitution, logic and layout. However, among the best choices the Euphoria file bundle can be recommended, which is specifically designated for operating with .EX file types and fits as a native sandbox for coding on .EX programming language. The Euphoria distributive is splendidly supported by Windows and Linux infrastructures, as well as by archaic DOS workstations. You may effortlessly download the full .EX based Euphoria distributive file package from the official project web-portal. The solution compiler is integrated into the installer, available for sharing from the developer’s site.

Programs to open .EX file - Euphoria Source Code

  • Windows
  • Linux
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    πŸ’΅ License
  • Free Software Foundation, Inc
  • Sven Guckes
  • Rapid Deployment Software
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