Exchange Non-Delivery Report Body File

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πŸ“Œ .BDR extension conforms to the body of NDR-report. NDR-reports are generated, opened and built up in the automatic way by email exchange server in specific circumstances when an electronic message has not been delivered and obtained by the recipient. In the typical way, the .BDR files contain internal description of the cause why the email content has not been opened and transferred outwards. In addition, the NDR-report also includes the list of message recipients, message sender and error code, which describes the problem briefly. .BDR files are originally stored within Badmail folder together with .BDP and .BAD containers.

Publisher Borders File

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πŸ“Œ The non-standard .BDR data container is related to online Microsoft Publisher 365 documents, which additionally include pre-configured layout borders for the particular file object. This untypical .BDR info container is composed of multiple patterns which can be selected by the user via Publisher’s BorderArt feature. Generally, Microsoft Publisher 365 service suggests more than 160 unique border types, which are stored and handled by 15 individual .BDR file documents. They are normally saved in the Office/Borders directory on the active predefined hard disk drive.

How to open an .BDR file?

πŸ“Œ .BDR disk resources, as well as .BDP objects, can be uniquely recognized, identified, opened and downloaded by MS Exchange Server software complex, which is also responsible for email deliveries in scope of a middle or large-sized organizations or enterprises. .BDR data type is compliant with Windows environment only.

Programs to open .BDR file - Exchange Non-Delivery Report Body File

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Programs to open .BDR file - Publisher Borders File

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