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πŸ“Œ A .DX format group correlates with a document designed and opened by DEC WPS Plus, an archaic word processing package consistent with DOS architecture. Ordinarily, the .DX file sample variation includes a transparent document stored in clear textual representation and form. In practice, the current schema can be opened up, uncovered and explored by any common text editor or processor, either freeware or proprietary. Basically, the .DX file objects are pretty rare as long as the DEC WPS package applied to compose and generate them is no longer developed and sustained, except for a few computer industry hobbyists. If you require to uncover and review the .DX entry composition, you are recommended to make use of any accustomed text editor, downloaded or acquired from the trusted source. DEC WPS abbreviation stands out for Digital Equipment Corporation Word Processing System term definition.

How to open an .DX file?

πŸ“Œ Although the compound .DX extension elements are natively opened, reviewed and operated by DEC WPS Plus project bundle, you can make use of any plain text editor to handle the proper file composition.

Programs to open .DX file - DEC WPS Plus File

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  • DEC
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