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šŸ“Œ The .FODT container fits for the text files, stored and opened in the form of OpenDocument layout. However, the format definition basically relies on the .XML structure instead of the .ZIP markup, typically referred to as .ODT components. The general .FODT hierarchy guarantees that the document contents and visual representation is more human readable and understandable. As a complementary technical specification, .FODT composition offers an easier alternative for making up text documents in the automatic way in comparison with the .ODT format. However, you can create and open up a new .FODT file from an .ODT source manually by using the oowriter CMD-utility.

How to open an .FODT file?

šŸ“Œ The data type can be uncovered by a few open based text editors, shared on the freeware principle according to GNU LGPL license conditions. As far as .FODT is a native file format for OpenOffice and LibreOffice solutions, basic integrated components of the aforementioned suites can handle the files, stored with this particular extension, in the unrestricted way.

Programs to open .FODT file - OpenDocument Flat XML Document

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  • Mac OS
  • Linux
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