WordPerfect WorkBook

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πŸ“Œ In alternate working cases, .WBK disk resources can be identified as workbook documents, automatically built up, opened and processed by Corel WordPerfect processor. As you may definitely know, WordPerfect text editor stands out as an embedded component of a more complex and advanced WordPerfect Office toolkit, designed for fulfilling most of the sustainable domestic, office and production purposes and aims. .WBK disk resources are natively operated by the specific software package, noted formerly, as well as properly modified, maintained and handled by the suite for resolving high-prioritized tasks.

Microsoft Word Document Backup File

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πŸ“Œ .WBK info container relates to the backup file generated and opened up by Microsoft Word, ultimate top-notch text editor for desktop systems and mobile devices. However, .WBK resources can be generated on PCs and macOS stations only, without any exceptions. Generally, .WBK file objects represent a backup instance or copy of a Word textual document (particularly, .DOCX or .DOC file specimen) and are applied to restore the document contents in case the source file was corrupted or occasionally deleted from the original hard disk storage. .WBK files are normally created in the automatic way, without user interference or involvement.

How to open an .WBK file?

πŸ“Œ .WBK files are primarily oriented on automatic maintenance and processing by Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect bundles, without any manual efforts and manipulations from the user side. In order to open and check out the .WBK file composition and makeup, you may attempt to download the resulting instances of the .WBK objects from appropriate web-portals or pages, if you don’t have text editor preinstalled or configured on your desktop station or mainframe. The extension is not compliant with mobile devices and systems of actual and former generations. Therefore, you may handle the .WBK container on laptop or stationary PC only.

Programs to open .WBK file - WordPerfect Workbook

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  • Corel Corporation

Programs to open .WBK file - Microsoft Word Document Backup File

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