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πŸ“Œ The only known assignment of the .GSLIDES format composition is tightly associated with a shortcut applied to open up a Google Slides presentation stored within Google Drive cloud web-service. Ordinarily, the .GSLIDES file entry internally covers a referential record to the presentation it is suggested to open and visualize, as well as the Gmail account applied to create the source presentation sequence. .GSLIDES data items are basically generated and composed by Drive for Desktop app client. Drive for Desktop program solution serves as a .GSLIDES compatible software bundle which permits Google Drive users to retrieve, extract, and backup their personal Google Drive resources on macOS and Windows PC environments. Although Drive for Desktop maintains, handles, and sustains actual backups of some types of user data objects (such as .DOCX or .JPG extension documents) on users desktop devices and stations, it does not actually store and hold copies of file samples initiated and generated with the assistance of Google Slides, Sheets, Docs, and other concerned Google Workspace services. Instead, Drive for Desktop solution stores and operates with the .GSLIDES shortcut entries that, after a plain double-click, reveal the contents of a corresponding file pattern in the web edition of a properly assigned Google Workspace product. Hereby, .GSLIDES are recognized as Drive for Desktop shortcut references that visualize Google Slides presentations. When a certain Drive for Desktop service user manages to double-click a relevant .GSLIDES file item, the specific presentation opens in Google Slides shell, considering that the focused user has successfully signed in to a Gmail account allowed to log in and access to the appropriate .GSLIDES referenced presentation. Basically, each of the .GSLIDES file branch nodes is handled as a pinpoint .JSON entry that includes a custom presentation document ID and .GSLIDES embraced URL, as well as the name of a respective Gmail account eligible for creating a custom file presentation. Formerly, .GSLIDES file resources were initiated and built by Backup and Sync app from Google enterprise. In October 2021 Backup and Sync utility was finally superseded by Drive for Desktop solution, which smoothly uncovers and reveals the .GSLIDE layout composition until now.

How to open an .GSLIDES file?

πŸ“Œ .GSLIDES file content can be fluently and without any obstacles reviewed, opened, and adjusted with the interaction of a common text editor, such as Microsoft Notepad, Notepad++, EditPlus, and other contemporary products. Furthermore, it should be directly mentioned that all of .GSLIDES file samples are smoothly and seamlessly operated by Google Drive for Desktop PC-client, adapted for employment within macOS and Windows operating platforms.

Programs to open .GSLIDES file - Google Slides Shortcut

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