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πŸ“Œ The .BOC document branch is commonly initiated and opened up with EasyWord, the obsolete word processor included into the EasyOffice distributive bundle. Precisely, the .BOC format group is utilized for opening, saving, and storing large file structures generated and handled with EasyWord. At last, the source .BOC document can be seamlessly exported to a .DOC instance, which serves and is distinguished as a primary. native resource definition for Microsoft Word text processor. Currently EasyOffice is not developed, supported and optimized any more and has been afterwards superseded with the ONE Office Suite bundle, targeted for the same aims and purposes. The .BOC extension branch serves as an original, accustomed document type for EasyWord toolkit, broadly used in the middle and early 2000s and about decades. Therefore, in the subsequent periods of time the .BOC format compatibility has been abolished and canceled.

How to open an .BOC file?

πŸ“Œ The .BOC object category is smoothly generated, altered, and opened up by the EasyWord text editor, integrated, shared and distributed as an integral component of more complex and compound EasyOffice distributive package, targeted for diverse operations with text documents, spreadsheets, digital presentations, schemes, diagrams, charts, and other categories of interactive content. The .BOC file composition is smoothly operated within the Windows sub-branch of desktop architecture, and is not supported by macOS or Linux systems. As the time has progressed by, the EasyOffice initiative has been substituted by ONE Office Suite, oriented on the same types of tasks and operations. However, with the implementation and deployment of a newer software solution, the support of the .BOC file format division has become entirely obsolete and has been removed. Current edition of ONE Office Suite is also not able to uncover and reveal the .BOC document hierarchy and composition.

Programs to open .BOC file - EasyWord Big Document

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