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Atlantis Word Processor Encrypted Document

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πŸ“Œ One more obvious assignment of the .COD extension branch concerns the encrypted documents generated by Atlantis Word Processor, a powerful word processing product for Windows architecture. Normally, all of the actual .COD definitions are encrypted with a 256-bit encryption key. In general, the following .COD technology serves for secure protection of sensitive written data and content. Besides, the .COD layout instances can be decrypted with the password that the user supplied when the document was attempted to be properly encrypted. As the experience checks out, the .COD file elements may comprise indexes, clipart, page layout formatting, images, text, and other peculiar word processing abilities and options. Hereby, Atlantis Word Processor is able to effortlessly save common, accustomed document structures to .COD build-up, such as .RTF, .DOCX, and .DOC specifications. When attempting to open a certain .COD entity, Atlantis Word Processor never manages to store any compound component of the integral encrypted resources on the hard disk drive.

Compiled Source Code

β‡’ Category:Developer Files

πŸ“Œ Most often, the .COD file schema is tightly related to the compiled source code written in Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, which stands for J2ME abbreviation, dBASE, or Fortran programming languages. Thus, the .COD data objects can be smoothly generated, opened and built by Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Java Development Environment (JDE) SDK suite. As the practice assists to figure out, at all major working cases compiled Java-embraced .COD file layouts are utilized to design and construct software solutions and products for BlackBerry mobile phones. Certainly, it should be strictly noted that since January, 2022 the further manufacturing, distribution and enhancement of the BlackBerry branded mobile devices has been entirely ceased and discontinued. For the following reason, the on-going utilization of the .COD format composition is severely restricted, and has correspondingly transformed into an extinct term model. Appropriately, the genuine online store for sale, acquisition and distribution of BlackBerry .COD embraced software is also terminated up to the trademark’s owner decision.

How to open an .COD file?

πŸ“Œ Considering the case when the source .COD structure involves target code entries written on Fortran, dBASE or J2ME development technologies, the proper file composition should be easily uncovered, opened up, visualized and modified by Microsoft Visual Studio, dBase, or BlackBerry JDE bundles, all of which are tightly related to software design and coding. Although BlackBerry JDE toolset is currently remaining in ceased maintenance status, the rest of the aforementioned bundles are still supported, enhanced and optimized by the authorized product owners or dev community. In the rest of the circumstances, the pinpoint .COD schema is available for monitoring and adjustment by involving Atlantis Word Processor text editor and word processor. In both of the preconditions, any of .COD format items are clearly recognized by Windows architecture solely, regardless of the content type the proper .COD file entry includes. Hereby, the .COD records can not be processed within the area of accessibility for macOS or Linux devices, computer workstations, or network nodes.

Programs to open .COD file - Atlantis Word Processor Encrypted Document

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Programs to open .COD file - Compiled Source Code

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