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General Station Description File

β‡’ Category:Text Files
β‡’ Developer:PROFIBUS & PROFINET International

πŸ“Œ Mainly, the .GSD data algorithm correlates with an ASCII configuration extension basement represented in text makeup and applied for PROFIBUS PA (Process Automation) or DP (Decentralized Peripherals) machines. Accurately, this relevant .GSD composition includes configuration options and keywords divided by line break symbols. In practice, the .GSD objects can be built and constructed with a PROFIBUS GSD Editor, a plain text or code editor, or another software utility compliant with the PROFIBUS technology. PROFIBUS term stands for the Process Field Bus entitlement and is distinguished as a compound set of computer networking gateways and protocols exploited by networking device nodes in the automated manufacturing area of industry. Typically, the .GSD entries are implemented for maintenance of integral device communication features, which grant the control facilities and mutual interoperability of actuators, switches, motors, sensors, and other constituent components on PROFIBUS networking instances. .GSD technological approach is also applied for peculiar PROFIBUS IO automated stations, although they are arranged on the basis of .XML format and are built on the foundation of GSDML .XML-adapted extension schema.

Graphtec Vector Graphics File

β‡’ Category:Vector Image Files
β‡’ Developer:Graphtec Corporation

πŸ“Œ On the other hand, the .GSD format pattern can relate to the vector graphical image layout designed, opened up, and promoted by Graphtec company. Accurately, the .GSD arrangement fits for composing cutting templates for Wishblade, Craft ROBO, and associated craft cutters. Basically, the .GSD technology can construct custom designs eligible for various crafts, such as t-shirt silk screens, laminates, adhesives, and other sophisticated printed designs. .GSD mechanics are also operated by Accugraphic Klic-N-Kut hardware machines focused on scrapbook cutting facilities. Essentially, The Cutting Master ROBO module for Adobe Illustrator suite permits the product to apply plotting routines directly to the plotter or cutter, but does offer Illustrator the means to read, track and recognize the .GSD instance items.

GSplit Split File Piece

β‡’ Category:Data Files
β‡’ Developer:G.D.G Software

πŸ“Œ At last, the .GSD file variation can also suit for handling pieces of files separated by GSplit utility, developed by G.D.G Software company. Precisely, the accustomed .GSD node internally maintains a portion of the file with the separated data, which GSplit can afterwards combine with other compound pieces to reconstruct the original, native .GSD file constitution. As the practical experience claims, pretty frequently .GSD file resources are entitled as disk#.gsd value. With the assistance of the GSplit package, you can easily divide large files (such as videos, disk images, and archives) on the individual, smaller portions. Such a hint significantly facilitates the overall sharing and transferring processes (considering that you can transfer peculiar portions one at a time, instead of moving or copying the whole file object at once). When GSplit suite manages to divide the outcome file record, it splits the resulting target file contents into a range of .GSD elements. The primary of these compound portions is normally entitled as disk1.gsd. Considering the the size of the divided file (and the basic parameters of the GSplit app, specified by the user involvement), disk1.gsd can be sequentially followed up by any quantity of other disk#.gsd entities. In general, .GSD data branch nodes are encountered in a bunch with a closely entitled .EXE entity (i.e., disk1.exe). If you decide to double click the associated .EXE schema object, you can fluently reorganize the associated .GSD patterns into the original, primary file from which they were divided. If not all of the outcome .GSD entries resulted from a genuine file object are remaining in your possession, you will not be afforded a chance to rearrange that initial file item. For instance, if you own disk1.gsd and disk2.gsd components, but not disk3.gsd part, the original data file won’t be obtained in the conclusion.

How to open an .GSD file?

πŸ“Œ As a rule, all of the .GSD data resources are excellently and steadily comprehended, opened, and operated by PROFIBUS GSD Editor, OMRON CX-Profibus, PROCENTRIC ProfiTrace, Siemens SIMATIC Manager, or any adapted text editor, consistent with your operating system, such as Notepad++, Microsoft Notepad, Sublime Text, EditPlus, and more. As an alternate option, it can be a perfect decision to make an effort referencing Xyron Wishblade Software, Accugraphic Klic-N-Kut Studio or Graphtec ROBO Master, focused on scrapbook cutting machines as well as designing, opening and maintaining diverse cutting templates for the noted associated operations. Finally, in particular circumstances the pinpoint .GSD pattern arrangement is adapted for coverage and processing by GSplit software toolkit, distributed and designed by G.D.G Software corporate party.

Programs to open .GSD file - General Station Description File

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Programs to open .GSD file - GSplit Split File Piece

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Programs to open .GSD file - Graphtec Vector Graphics File

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  • Xyron Wishblade Software
  • Graphtec Corporation
  • Accugraphic Klic-N-Kut Studio
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