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πŸ“Œ An .RIS file extension group is designated for storing and covering bibliographic citation file items opened in a logical schematic pattern designed by Research Information Systems (RIS) software development organization. Precisely, it encompasses a sequence of citation metadata and two-letter file tags related to those particular label markers. This concrete associated information may comprise a cited work’s title, publication date, author, type, and more miscellaneous file content. RIS corporate group has designed the overall standard requirements and conditions to permit common exchange of citation data between diverse digital file libraries. The noted .RIS data content is stored in a common, human-readable and comprehended plain text build-up, to eventually facilitate their resulting management, editing, reading, and opening. An .RIS record constitution may miscellaneously embrace one or multiple file citations. Each of the embedded citations is obliged to start with the TY marker, which specifically denotes the type of publication from which a relevant citation was extracted. For instance, the text label TY - JOUR specifies that this distinctive .RIS citation is retrieved from a respective journal article. Typically, each accurate .RIS citation then proceeds to mention the cited work’s publication date (often separated into multiple peculiar sections for month and year), title (T1 or TI), author (A1 or AU), and other concerned metadata markers. In multi-citation .RIS documents, each of the integrated file citations ends with the tag ER.

How to open an .RIS file?

πŸ“Œ The .RIS documents are splendidly and transparently opened, recognized, and surveyed by Microsoft Notepad, Clarivate EndNote, Apple TextEdit, BibDesk, Vim, or any compliant text editor or utility, capable of reviewing and discovering plain text content and composition. Finally, in exceptional circumstances it is possible to take service of .RIS compliant Online RIS2BIB, ProQuest RefWorks, or Clarivate EndNote Web web-services, accessible for direct appliance and employment from a dedicated web-browser, without pre-installing any specific desktop distributive bundles.

Programs to open .RIS file - Research Information Systems Citation File

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