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πŸ“Œ .GTHR extension stands out as a text container that includes data logs aggregated and opened up by embedded Microsoft logging service. The .GTHR sources are generated by SharePoint Server, Microsoft Exchange, and Windows Search applets after the file indexing process is running each time on the client PC. Each particular instance of the file object serves for identification of the messages and documents that were not successfully indexed. The content of the .GTHR resource can be viewed and opened via the Gthrlog.vbs software utility using the predefined console command: cscript gthrlog.vbs β€œ[path to the .GTHR disk object]”.

How to open an .GTHR file?

πŸ“Œ As long as the format is referred to the logging records, aggregated while running multiple Microsoft tools, you can open and view the .GTHR object content with a plain text editor, either available within your Windows environment by default, from scratch, or downloaded, preinstalled as third-party .MSI package from external web-resources. The format is not supported by mobile system editions handled by major, global market players.

Programs to open .GTHR file - Gather Log File

  • Windows
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