Readme Text File

β‡’ Category:Text Files

πŸ“Œ .ME data type is primarily considered as a readme text object, which contains essential information regarding a software app. In basic conditions the .ME resources are entitled as READ.ME and can be generated during the installation routine, designated for a particular program or suite. The files are composed of completely plain text structure and can be effortlessly opened up, reviewed and edited in any text-related editor. .ME containers usually correspond to the readme files targets and aims and are produced in order to assist a user with program definition and areas of .ME extension appliance.

Temporary Delete Me File

β‡’ Category:Miscellaneous Files

πŸ“Œ This .ME data sample corresponds to the temporary disk object entitled as and designated for the consequent deletion from the computer in the automatic way by various dedicated programs and applications. Moreover, the .ME extension instance can be also deleted by the user himself according to the manual effort. As long as particular archivers and decompressors omit empty folders during the opening, creation and unpackaging of the archives, a 0 byte-sized, blank object can be put within the empty folders so that the archiver would not omit them during the file processing.

Puppy Linux Partition Flag File

β‡’ Category:System Files
β‡’ Developer:Puppy Linux

πŸ“Œ The .ME-based objects can also be created by Puppy Linux, a simplified Linux edition with basic featured set and components. In these preconditions the outcome resources would rely on FSCK.ME filename structure that fits as a clever way of abbreviation β€œfile system check me” for an active partition. Therefore, the item sources are stored within the system as part of a partition and marks the disk partition as oriented on integrated save states (i.e., 2FS data files). In the following way, the partition is suggested for scanning by file system check (FSCK) on operating system startup.

How to open an .ME file?

πŸ“Œ The file category may be opened up, revealed and explored by the usual, accustomed text editor, downloaded and preinstalled on your PC or mobile device from the web or available on the PC or smartphone out of the box, by default. According to plain text composition and shape of .ME objects, this specific file type is primarily managed by Notepad, WordPad or any external, third-party software bundles, capable of operating with the texts.

Programs to open .ME file - Readme Text File

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  • Mac OS
  • Linux

Programs to open .ME file - Puppy Linux Partition Flag File

  • Linux
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  • Puppy Linux Team

Programs to open .ME file - Temporary Delete Me File

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